Youth Mental Health and Addictions Council

June 02, 2022

Meaning & Purpose, Quality Relationships


Youth who are 16 and 25 and the organizations that serve them.


To assemble and support youth in leadership and active participation, in the implementation of initiatives impacting young people.

The Youth Mental Health & Addictions Council was established in 2016 through London Health Sciences Centre’s Transition Age Project (TAP) in partnership with mindyourmind. The vision for YMHAC is to be an expert resource, leader, active participant and key voice in the collaboration and implementation of initiatives across the system of mental health and addictions impacting young people in the London-Middlesex community.

With the conclusion of the TAP initiative in Spring 2019, the Mental Health INcubator for Disruptive Solutions (MINDS) of London Middlesex offered to undertake backbone support and stewardship for YMHAC to carry on its significant work. MINDS is a groundbreaking, social innovation lab aimed at solving complex community mental health system challenges with a focus on co-creating system and service level changes that might optimize well being for youth and young adults in the London-Middlesex community.

YMHAC’s mission is to promote youth-centred practice in youth mental health care through advising and guiding hospital programs, initiatives and community agencies/organizations through authentic leadership, influence and decision making. YMHAC’s goal to promote youth voice and participation that aligns with the goal of MINDS to develop and research system-level change that leads to the development of Meaning and Purpose, Resiliency, and Quality Relationships for transition-age youth (TAY).


If you would like to work with the YMHAC Committee and
improve your own services to support youth, you can contact us here