Mindful Social Innovation (MSI) Training

MINDS expansion into Mindful Social Innovation (MSI) is a culmination of dedicated efforts to advance mental health and addiction care. Building off learnings from the Global Minds Collective and MINDS sensemaking, we have developed a revolutionary MSI training program to create a profound impact on mental health and addiction care systems.


The core of our MSI approach lies in collaborating with change leaders from diverse perspectives and expertise. We aim to develop innovative solutions to complex challenges identified through Sensemaking activities by our local Collective. Through this process, we will launch half a dozen distinct solutions, targeting key leverage points within the mental health and addiction care system. This ecosystem will empower individuals to harness the power of MSI in their work, promoting deep self-awareness, intentionality, radical acceptance, and internal healing. Our engagement in MSI includes integrating mindfulness and psychosocial competencies to foster holistic well-being and drive external social change.


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