Road to Mental Health

The Road to Mental Health (R2MH) is a vital resource offering free transportation services for rural youth (16-25)  in crisis and/or seeking mental health and addiction support. As a clinician, R2MH enables you to provide essential services to your clients, ensuring they can access the care they need without transportation barriers.


Here’s how R2MH works:


If you’re a youth in need of mental health or addiction support and transportation is a concern, you can reach out to Reach Out via phone, text, or webchat at 519-433-2023 or visit They will assist you in booking a free ride with Checker or Star Taxi to your appointment or crisis service. All drivers have opted into this program and are trained in mental health, crisis de-escalation, and suicide prevention to ensure your safety and well-being during the ride.


If you’re a clinician, R2MH enables you to provide essential services to your clients without transportation barriers. If you have clients who require transportation assistance, simply contact Reach Out using the contact details mentioned above. A Reach Out worker will promptly arrange transportation with Checker or Star Taxi for your client. 


All drivers for crisis calls have received training on mental health, crisis de-escalation, and suicide prevention to ensure a safe and supportive experience for your clients. Please note that our booking PIN is updated at the start of each quarter. To be added to the mail list for updates and announcements, contact .


R2MH’s impact is significant for individuals aged 16-25 in rural Middlesex County, as it removes transportation barriers and ensures equitable access to mental health and addiction support services. This program is made possible through partnerships with MINDS, St. Joseph’s Health Care London, Canadian Mental Health Association Thames Valley, Checker Taxi, and key community partners.


The R2MH initiative originated from a young person’s concerns about transportation during mental health crises at our 2019 Convening. Since then, R2MH has grown to support Indigenous youth from Chippewas of the Thames First Nation; Oneida Nation of the Thames; and the Munsee-Delaware Nation, expanding its reach and impact in promoting mental wellness for all.

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