Road to Mental Health

June 02, 2022

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Youth aged 16-25 living in rural Middlesex County


Free transportation to mental health support for youth aged 16-25 living in rural Middlesex County access mental health and addiction support.

The Road to Mental Health intervention began at our 2019 Convening when a youth brought forward her concerns with youth’s access to transportation in crisis. As we explored the issues in the region, it became clear that this issue is even more prevalent for county youth, who in many cases had no good options.

Building on this research, MINDS connected with CMHA, who already had some mobile crisis services within London, but were often limited in which youth they could pick up and bring to services. After consultation, in 2021 we partnered with Star Taxi to offer free transportation to youth in Lucan, Parkhill, Strathroy, Exeter and neighbouring communities.

CMHA offered additional training to Star Taxi drivers, and with generous donations from the St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation, MINDS was able to cover the costs of these drives (which on average would have cost youth $140). In addition to crisis services, youth are able to book regular transportation to therapy, doctor’s appointments and other key services to support their mental health. 

In 2022, due to the success of this model, MINDS partnered with Checker to expand services specifically to Indigenous youth on and off reserve. Over the summer, MINDS is working with youth and advocates from Chippewas of the Thames, Munsee-Delaware Nation and Oneida Nation of the Thames to support their needs and ensure access to services. This new partnership with Indigenous partners not only allows youth on reserve to access services in the city, but for youth who live within London to attend cultural events on reserve to aid in truth and reconciliation. 


How to Access The Road to Mental Health

1. Call or text Reach Out via phone, text or webchat at 519-433-2023 or
2. The Reach Out worker will assess the individual’s situation and connect them with a ride.
3. The taxi will come to the individual’s location, pick them and drive them to the appropriate service.
4. After the appointment is complete, Star Taxi will give the individual a free ride home.